Project Wonderful Review – Bidding Advertising Network

Project Wonderful Review

Project Wonderful is an interesting advertising network where advertisers bid on publisher’s ad box to place an ad for a day. Basically, Project Wonderful works like any other bidding or auction site, such as eBay. However, unlike eBay or other auctions website where you bid for physical goods, in Project Wonderful, the highest bidder wins the bid and get the ad placed on a listed website.

How To Get Started With Project Wonderful
Getting started with Project Wonderful is very easy. You just register for free and wait for your site to be approved. Once your site is approved, you are guided on how to go about placing an ad box on your site. An ad box is an advertising space where you can place an advertiser ad. You can add a specific number of ad boxes, depending on the number of ad slots you plan to sell.

How Does Project Wonderful Works?
As I have stated above, Project Wonderful is a little bit different. Unlike most other advertising networks that pay on CPM or CPC basis, Project Wonderful pays on CPD (cost per day). The advertisers are shown your site stats, plus how many more advertisers are bidding on the site and how much money they are willing to pay in a day. The advertisers then decide the price based on the available information.

How Much Money Can You Make With Project Wonderful?
Here is an example of how much money you can expect to earn in a day, if you site is selected. If an advertiser bids for $24 in a day and he or she is the highest bidder for a full day (24 hours), he or she will pay $24. However, if an advertiser bids for $24 and he or she is the only bidder, one hour before cancelling the bid, he or she will be pay $1 for that remaining one hour. You get paid the total bid amount, minus 25%.

For every bid that is under 10 cents, it goes up in 1 cent increments and for any other bid that is above 10 cents, it goes up in 10 cent increments. For example, if one person bids 10 cents and other bids 40 cents, the second person wins the bid but will have to pay 20 cents.

As a publisher, you are allowed to select the types of ads that you want to be placed on your site, depending on your site contents and target audience. These are the three options for accepting ads on a website;

  • Accept everything – An kind of ads, including adults ads.
  • Family friendly ads – No adult ads will be displayed on your site.
  • Accept bids by hands – Advertisers will have to wait for your approval before any ads is displayed on your site.

I think option number two is the most appropriate, unless your are dealing with an adult site. Option three may also be a good option, however, you will have to approve the ads before they are displayed. Considering this is a 24 hour bidding and most bids will expire after 2 days, you may end up wasting a lot of time, decreasing your chances of earning more money.

You can also select to accept only advertisers paying a certain amount of money or block some of them if you are not happy with the kind of ads you are getting.

Project Wonderful also offers “proxy bidding” to advertisers. A way of ensuring an advertiser gets the best deals. For example, if you are an advertiser and you have your bid placed at $5 and someone else has a bid placed at $1. This bid will only be increased to $1.10 so that you can outbid the other person and win the bid.

Lastly, Project Wonderful is offering something unique, away from the usual CPC and CPM that most other advertising networks are offering. If you have been using CPC or CPM and you are not satisfied with the results that you are getting, I would suggest you take a closer look at Project Wonderful. You never know, it might turn out to be a good alternative for you to make money online.

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