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Social Spark is a blog marketing platform that connects bloggers with advertisers looking to pay for sponsored posts. Unlike other marketing blogging platforms that accept any kind of blog, Social Spark only accepts high quality blogs that meets their standard and all blogs are manually reviewed before they can be added into Social Spark system.

How to Get Started with Social Spark

You sign up and create your personal profile, set your price. For example: 5000 points is equivalent to $50. This means you will get paid $50 for every sponsored post published on your blog. However, you can always negotiate the price with an advertiser. Social Spark also do set their own recommended prices based on your blog traffic status after reviewing it.

The next step is to link your blog to Social Spark. You will also be required to authorize Social Spark to get access to your Google Analytics data and direct publishing.

You then have to wait for your blog to be reviewed. It usually takes around one week for a blog to be reviewed. You will receive an email informing you whether your blog was approved or rejected. Once your blog is approved, you can start receiving leads invitations through your email.

Lead invitations emails are basically offers from advertisers who show interest in having a sponsored post on your blog but it does not guarantee that you will receive the offer. You can also reject or negotiate the offer with the advertiser. However, even if you accept the offer, the final decision will be made by the advertiser.

How to Make Money with Social Spark

Making money with Social Sparks involves publishing sponsored posts on your blog. Once you have accepted an offer and the advertiser has approved it, you can start working on the post. However, you will not publish the post on your blog. You first publish it on Social Spark and wait for the advertiser to review it.

If there are any changes to be made, you will be notified through your email. If the post is ok, it will then be published directly to your blog since you authorized for direct publishing.

How much money you earn depends on several factors such as, who are your leads or advertisers, the kind of post to be written, blog traffic stats, your niche, among others. Social Spark is one of the best blog marketing platform and payment per post can be as high as $250 per post.

The minimum payment per post is 500 points, which is equivalent to $5. You can convert your points to cash anytime. You get paid after 30 days through Paypal.


  • Social Spark pays much higher compared to other blog marketing platforms.
  • You are able to see your stats on your dashboard.
  • Excellent support system.
  • You do not have to manually publish the post once it is approved. You just authorize the direct publishing feature and any post that is approved will be posted automatically to your blog.
  • All tags are nofollow. You do not have to worry about Google penalizing your blog for paid links.


  • Stricter inclusion requirements and only accepts high quality blogs with a good design.
  • Google analytics authorization is required.
  • You have to maintain a certain standard to make sure your blog remains in Social Spark system.

Lastly, Social Spark offers a great opportunity for bloggers to earn money online through sponsored blog posts. Unlike other blog marketing platforms that require links to be dofollow, Social Sparks links are all nofollow, which is great since Google does penalize blog for paid links. The average pay per post is also very high in comparison to what others are paying.

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