Skimlinks Review – Get Access to Over 17,000 Merchants

Skimlinks Review

Skimlinks is an affiliate publisher technology company based in London that connects publishers with over 17,000 different affiliate networks or merchants. Skimlinks has been operating since 2008 and has received several performance awards (you can find them on Skimlinks homepage).

So far, the company seems to be doing very well and there are many good reviews that you can find on the internet.

How Skimlinks Works

Basically, Skimlinks joins different merchants or affiliate programs like Amazon, LinkShare, Commission Junction, among others and bring them together in one place. The publishers then join Skimlinks to get access to the different merchants and promote their products.

How to Earn Money With Skimlinks

Joining Skimlinks is free, however, you will have to wait for your website to be approved (it takes around 2 days). Once you website is approved, you can start using Skimlinks by adding a short java script on your website or by use of a plugin for WordPress Websites.

Skimlinks then uses their technology to converts normal merchants links inside your contents to affiliate links. When a user clicks on a merchants links within your contents, Skimlinks identify product keywords, brand names and turn the links into affiliate links. The user is then taken to the merchant’s product page and if a sale is made, you earn a commission.

How much money you earn depends on many factors, such as your site contents, types of links found on your site, season, your target audiences and their demographic locations, among others.

How Do You Get Paid?
Skimlinks payments are made every month. You get paid once you balance reaches $10/€8/£7 through any of the following means: PayPal, UK bank transfer, US bank transfer and US Check.


  • You get everything in one place. You get access to over 17,000 affiliate networks.
  • Easy to get started and no technical skills needed. You just insert a short JavaScript or use plugin for WordPress.
  • You only need to make $10 to get paid.
  • You earn a referral commission of up to 35% per year.


  • Skimlinks retains up to 25% on any commission earned as their revenue share.
  • They have a 90 days commission delay policy.
  • You will have to wait for your website to be approved.
  • Only accepts websites with high numbers of American and UK audiences.

Lastly, Skimlinks offers another great opportunity for publishers to make money via affiliate marketing. However, Skimlinks commission charges of up to 25% may seems to be a little bit high by some publishers but considering the high number of affiliate networks you get access to promote their products, I think it is all worth the charges.

Skimlinks links are also not very obstructive and you will not even notice them on a website, unless you are on a page with merchant convertible links.

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