Weegy Review – Get Paid to Answer Online Questions

Weegy Review

Weegy is a community based online system that is used to give answers to various questions asked by its users. The system is composed of an artificial female figure (known as Weegy). You can pop in any time and ask the “female Weegy” a question in any category and you will be surprised that she can answer most of the questions, if not all.

So, Where and How Does She Acquire This Knowledge?

Basically, Weegy acquires knowledge by listening to other experts’ conversation and the information that she gets is stored as part of her knowledge base. Since she has been doing this for sometimes, here knowledge base is broad and she can be able to answer most of the questions from different categories.

How Do You Make Money With Weegy?

As I have said, Weegy acquire knowledge by listening to other experts. Sometimes it happens that the questions being asked are very new to Weegy and they are not part of her knowledge base. To help in answering, she searches for online experts. Online experts are people like you and me who are already registered members of Weegy.

Being a Weegy expert does not mean you have to know everything or the answers that you give must correct.  However, as an expert you should always try to give the best answer as much as possible. One good thing is that, if you are not sure of the answer to give, you can always search for more information on the internet and even include a link pointing to the source.

As a Weegy expert, you are paid $0.20 for each conversation you get involved in, except when you answer questions that have been asked by other experts/members of Weegy. For those Weegy users who have been active, have a good ratings and have proved their credibility, they are promoted to become Weegy Pro/Researchers.

Weegy Pro/Research earn higher than other experts. As a Weegy Pro, you provide online chat consultation while the Weegy research help researchers looking for information in collecting relevant data and in depth investigation. If a user selects a certain expert to answer his/her questions, that expert is even paid higher. Filling up your area of expertise in your profile may also increases your chances of getting selected.

You do not earn money by responding to other expert’s question but instead, you earn some points. You are allowed to earn up to 100 points per month. You also receive 5 points for anyone who signs up under your referral link and $0.50 every time your referrals use Pro and Weegy Research, forever.

These points can be used to enter for monthly contests whereby you are eligible to win prizes or even cash. Every time you reach 1,000 points, you are promoted to the next level. The first level is zero. You get paid once your balance reaches $20, which is sent through your Paypal. How much money you make purely depends on your participation. Currently, there are experts who are earning more than $300 per month.

How to Answer Questions

Click on Expert tab and keep the page open as long as you want to participate in the conversation. Keep your computer sound turned on. This is to make sure you can hear the ding sound, which will be used to notify you of a new conversation.


When notified, you should make sure you accept the conversation quickly since you only have 15 seconds to accept. Click on Add Response to knowledgebase checkbox, so that incase your response is correct, Weegy will add your response to her knowledgeable base and use it to answer other similar questions that may be asked sometimes later. Do not forget to set the expiry date.

Click on Enter. Wait for the the user to respond. If the user responds, then continue with the conversation. If you are not sure of the answer, just pass the question to next expert online. You can get a maximum of 5 questions, following each other at at time. If you are able to answer all of them correctly, then you will earn around $1 or even more within 5 minutes.

One downside with Weegy is the duration you have to wait for a new conversation to start. Sometimes, you can wait for almost one hour. The best thing is to have different windows open so that you can still continue doing other works as you wait for a conversation. In addition, make sure your sound is on and audible since you are notified of a new conversation with a ding sound.

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