Qmee Review – Get Paid for Searching the Internet

Qmee is an interesting website where you get paid for simply searching the internet. If you are regularly searching for information on search engines like Google, which I think most of us do, then you may take advantage of Qmee and earn some cash too.

Joining Qmee

Joining Qmee is free and there is no membership fee or registration fee. After signing up on their website, you will then be re-directed to download the free Qmee app.

Qmee has partnered with advertising companies looking for ways to advertise their businesses online. These companies then pay Qmee a certain amount of money, which is split between you (when you click on a listing) and Qmee.

How Qmee Works

Qmee works by displaying relevant advertisements along the search results. Basically, you search online as you normally do on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or even Amazon and eBay.  The Qmee results appear alongside your search.

Next to each ad you’ll notice a monetary figure/cash reward and this is the amount you’ll earn if you click on the ad. The rewards vary, depending on the type of the ad. Some ads are worth more than others. However, Qmee does make sure the advertisements displayed along your searches are relevant.

After clicking on Qmee result, you are then taken to the result page, which contains the information you are looking for.

How Much Money Can You Expect to Earn from Qmee

How much money you earn depends on the particular keyword or the information you are searching for on the internet. Qmee seems to be paying in between 1 cent to 9 cents per click. This is not much but if you are doing alot of searches, it may add up after sometimes.

How Do You Get Paid?

All money you earn is temporary stored in a piggy bank. You can also sign in to your account on the Qmee website to check your balance. There are two ways to get paid – either through Paypal or you can decide to give you earnings to the charities featured on Qmee website or nominate a new one that’s important to you on their facebook page.


Qmee offers an interesting way to earn money online, if you are regularly searching on the internet. However, the payout is in pennies, which means you will have to a search alot of information if you intend to earn something good from this site.

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