Quick Rewards Network Review – Get Paid Completing Offers

Qucik Rewards Review

Quick Rewards Network is a paid to complete offers website where you get paid for doing simple online tasks, such as survey, searching, short online tasks, among others.

The site is open to residents of USA, Canada and UK. It is free join and no membership fee.

How Quick Rewards Works

There is no registration needed and the only thing you need to do is to fill up your email address as well as you Paypal email address. You are now free to start completing available offers, immediately.

However, the available offers are not from Quick Rewards company itself but rather from other partner companies. So, you will have to sign up with different companies to get access to them.

Some of the available offers include;

  • Completing surveys
  • Shopping online rebates
  • Visiting other websites
  • Getting Paid for reading emails
  • Getting paid for watching videos
  • Searching online
  • Trivia games
  • Printing grocery coupons
  • Completing other small tasks
  • Cash back shopping
  • Daily deals, among others

How Do You Get Paid?

Quick Rewards Network use three different ways to pay its members – Quick Points, Tokens and Cash.  The amount of money you earn depend on the kind of task you decide to complete and how big it is. However, payment is usually in pennies.

1. Cash

You earn cash by completing certain offers, such as taking a paid surveys, completing trials offers, among others.

2. Quick Points

Some other offers such as visiting and clicking ads is paid by quick points, which is later on converted to cash. Quick Rewards Network system automatically converts every 100 Quick Points you earn into cash (100 quick  points = $0.01).

3. Tokens

Tokens are rewarded to members who complete certain offers, based on the type and the size. The bigger the offer, the more token you earn. These tokens can be used to purchase magazine subscriptions, gift certificates and some other prizes.

Elite Member Feature

Awarded to members who are able to complete at least 75 surveys within a single quarter or members who have purchased a minimum of 5 items worth $10 within a single quarter. This minimum amount has to be post-coupons and prior to taxes and shipping.

As an elite member, you qualify for the following bonuses on different purchases;

  • $0.25 bonus for orders between $10 and $99.99
  • $0.50 bonus for orders between $100 and $499.99
  • $1.00 bonus for orders of $500 or more

In addition, Elite members also enjoy other benefits like receiving twice the usual number of tokens during the quarter, special offers/contests, bonus rewards on buying stuff online, and the unique ability to redeem tokens and get gift cards in return.

How Do You Get Paid?

Payment are done through Paypal, as gift certificates or as donation. Paypal payments are done within 48 hours from the time you request for a withdrawal or sometimes, even earlier.


Quick Rewards Network is a good website for those who are looking for ways to earn money by completing various online tasks. However, since the payout is in form of pennies, it is very hard to even be able to sustain your daily expenses through this kind of program.

You might end up spending hours and hours behind the computer to only generate a few cents or maybe a couple bucks in a month or so.

So, if you are serious about making money online, there are other much better ways to use your time, such as studying Internet marketing and learning how to develop a full-time income from home through a home-based business.

So, I wouldn’t recommend Quick Rewards Network for those who are looking for ways to earn serious money online.

The other concern is that, since you are supposed to give up your email address to every other partner company you sign up with, you automatically become one of their subscribers and so often, they will be sending out promotions to you through e-mail for stuffs, which can be sometimes annoying.

So, to conclude, if you are searching for a legitimate website to earn a few bucks,  cash rewards and cash backs shopping, then Quick Rewards Networks is a good website for you to get started.

However, if you are looking for serious way to start making money online or to start a long time internet business, then there are other better money making opportunities.

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