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Earn Writing Product Reviews

Reviewstream is one of  most reliable websites to submit a product or service review. It is free to join and open to international reviewers.

Once you become a member of Reviewstream, you can write a review in different categories of products and services, provided you have personally  used that particular product you are reviewing.

When you visit Reviewstream website for the first time, you only need to give out your email address and you are immediately taken to a page where you can start writing your review.  No other registration is required.

Remember, you should only review products or services that you have used. The minimum words per review should be 250 words and above. The review should be very specific in nature and any review that fall short of their requirement is rejected.

The pay per review is based on how much money they are buying a review at that particular time and ranges in between $5 to $9 per a review, depending on the kind of contents.

There are 4 different kinds of reviews to select from – text based, image based, interview, in-depth research and viral review. Text based are the least paid, costing around $5 while viral reviews are the highest paid, costing around $9 per review.

They  also offer bulk payment option, which is usually the buying price of the review at that particular time divided by 5. If the buying price of a review is $5 then the bulk rate is $1, usually paid if what you are reviewing have already being reviewed by other members.

In addition, you get paid  $0.01 per vote, if your review is voted by anyone who reads it or you have answered some of the questions found on the website asked by other members.

Reviewstream Referral Program

They have a referral program whereby you can earn 2% of the regular price, based on the total number of people you refer to their website. You get paid through Paypal via the email address you used during registration.

However, you need to have accumulated the minimum payout threshold to get paid. To calculate the minimum amount to be paid, you multiply the regular rate with what your first review in the new payment cycle was sold at, by 10.

For example, you sold your first review in the new payment cycle at 5.00 USD. The minimum amount to be paid will be 50 USD. If you sold your first review in the new payment cycle at 6.00 USD, the minimum amount to be paid will be 60 USD.

One down side of Reviewstream is that, you may get dissappointed especially if your reviews are rejected or you are paid at bulk rate most of the time. It is always better to register with another online review website so that, incase your review is rejected, you can submit it there.

2 thoughts on “ReviewStream Review – Get Paid for Product & Service Reviews

  1. Mel says:

    Reviewstream is a scam. In the end, even if you do manage to get a payout or two, the cons far, far outweigh the benefits. Writers are rarely ever paid the regular rate, and they force them to upload personal pictures on the site which they refuse to remove when you decide not to write for them anymore. Also, they refuse to remove you from their contact list, so even years after I stopped writing for them I am still getting the messages that fill up my inbox.

    For those saying that the company doesn’t have to buy your review, why is it that after being one of the top reviews for a long time, all of a sudden, when I started making too much money, they started rejecting my work? I always read those stories on the net, but didn’t believe it after it started happening to me. Notice that there’s also no address for where the company is located on the website? That alone speaks volumes. There are many more reliable, anonymous and legitimate ways to make money online without having to sacrifice your soul for a measly few dollars. You were warned.

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