Wealthy Affiliate 2015 Review – Best Internet Marketing Training?

Wealthy Affiliate 2015 Review

Over the last few years, Wealthy Affiliate has grown in popularity and it’s now one of the most highly recommended internet marketing training program in the world today.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded back in September, 2005 by Kyle and Carson. Kyle and Carson are seasoned internet marketers who had a dream of creating an online university where they could share their experiences and strategies with fellow internet marketers. This is what led to the creation of the Wealthy Affiliate – www.wealthyaffiliate.com

What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community and internet marketing training center for all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs from newbies with no marketing skills to skilled marketers who want to scale it to a whole new level.

The training is divided into different levels/modules in different topics. Below is an overview of what you can expect to learn from Level 1 of the training also known as “Online Entrepreneur Certification”.

Wealthy-Affiliate-ReviewLevel 1 of the training is composed of 10 lessons in different topics. This level is most suitable for beginners or those with little or no experience in internet marketing. Once you are through the level 1, you can move on to the next level.

Wealthy Affiliate Level 1

Note: There are specific goals that you must accomplish on each level before moving to the other one.

Step by Step Modules (Training)

Wealthy Affiliate training covers a wide span of topics. These topics are divided into different levels, based on the experience. Whether you are a beginner venturing into the world of internet marketing for the first time or you an experienced internet marketer but you just want to learn how to get traffic and market your product, Wealthy Affiliates has everything for every marketer.

Some of the topics included in training are such as email marketing, list building, SEO, PPC marketing, article marketing, website development and technical training.

Currently, Wealthy Affiliates has a database of more than 300 training tutorials and each month more materials are added. When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the first time, you are automatically enrolled to the online Entrepreneur Certification level.

This is usually the first training that takes you through the systematic process of building your own successful online business to earn a constant income. Once you are through level 1 and you have accomplished your goals, you can now move to the level 2.

An Active Community

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a training program. The platform has a huge online community who interacts with one another and offer guidance and support. As soon as you become a member of WealthyAffiliate.com, you are welcomed by both free and Premium members.

Some have been in this business for many years and know how to make money online while others are just new comes who are learning how to start their own business online.

All work together to help each other gain their financial freedom.  Kyle and Carson are also part of the community and the minute you post a question, they will most probably be the first ones to answer it.

Internet Marketing Tools

Through their own experience, Kyle and Carson have sourced some of the best internet marketing tools in the market today. When it comes to internet marketing, there are some things that you just cannot be able to do manually or rather it would take you alot of time to accomplish the same thing, which you can accomplish within a few minutes with the help of some tools.

This is one main reason why some of these tools become a vital part of an internet marketer. These tools may be very new to you, if you are a newbie and know absolutely nothing about them but once you have mastered how to use them, you will discover how easily it is to use and how time saving they can be.

Videos and Webinars

Want to learn the latest in internet marketing? Wealthy Affiliate offers frequent videos training and webinars. These videos training and webinars are equipped with the latest and effective internet marketing tips and techniques that you can follow on your own time and use it to create your own successful business online.

Free Unlimited Websites with Hosting 

Yes. Nowhere else you will ever get a free hosting account but Wealthy Affiliate goes one step further by offering you an opportunity to create your own unlimited websites with free hosting. It does not even matter whether you are a free member or premium member. As a free member, you are allowed to create two websites with free domain names and a hosting.

I have reviewed many internet marketing programs but domain and hosting seems to be one of the best free gift for Wealthy Affiliates members. In addition, when you become a Premium member, you can build as many websites as you can and have them hosted right there for you inside Wealthy Affiliate at no extra cost.

Who is Most Suitable for Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliates training is divided into different levels and geared towards helping individuals in becoming successful online. Whether you are a beginner, an established internet marketers, you have a local business or a company, you are an online merchant, local marketers, want to start your own website or you want to sell something online.

Whether you are looking for an extra way to supplement your current income, you are retired, you are looking for a hosting company, student, you are a blogger but you would like to improve on traffic or conversion, Wealthy Affiliate will definitely offer you something new to get you started or something to improve your businesses.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership  is Free. Premium Membership cost – $47 month or $359 yearly. However, If you upgrade to the premium membership within 7 days, your first month membership will only be $19.00.


Everyone can start an online business or a website but what differentiate us is the foundation you get started on. A good foundation is usually described as one where you are ready and you feel motivated to move on even when there is nothing or little is coming along your way. This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is offering to you.

What Else Comprises a Good Training?

1. A good training should be affordable and within the reach of many – Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free membership up to 7 days. You can try it and see if this is what you want or not. You then have the option to continue as a free member or to upgrade and become a premium member.

2. A good training should be motivating – If you lack motivation, it can be very hard to complete anything in life, not to mention starting up an online business. Wealthy Affiliate keep their members motivated by setting up goals and rewarding those who accomplish them.

3. A good training should be all inclusive – You do not want a training where you will have to spend money on everything such as a keyword research tool, domain and hosting. An all inclusive platform allow you to minimize your expenses and at the same time saves you alot of time.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you tools, training, hosting in one platform to get you started easily and to minimize your online expenses when starting up a business.

4. A good training should have excellent support system – With Wealthy Affiliate, you do not only get help from the creator of the program themselves but also from a community of great internet marketers who have been in this business for a long time.

You can freely interact with beginners as well as experts and get your questions answered within a few minutes in a single platform.

5. A good training is not a get rich scheme –  Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme or a MLM or something of sort. It is a comprehensive training that provides you will all the tools and training you need to become successful online.

In addition, it does not guarantee any success and how successful you become will be determined by your hard work, willingness and how motivated you are to keep on going even when little is coming along your way.

All in all, Wealthy Affiliate remains one of the most comprehensive and highly recommended internet marketing training. If you are willing to follow what is outlined in the course and you are fully motivated to move on, you can definitely become successful online and build your own long term business.

There are so many testimonials of people who have succeeded on making money online through this training and I do not see the reason why you should not be one of them. You can sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Here.

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