How to Make Money as Life Coach

How to Make Money as a Life Coach

Becoming a life coach is a great idea, often stemming from the desire to help others grow and improve their lives, as well as passing on some of the life lessons you’ve accumulated in your own lifetime.

But as noble as that goal is, we all want to improve our income, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, becoming wealthier and more successful provides further proof and authenticity to your methods for everyday life, and enhances your ability to reach more people that could really use your guidance.

Get Certified
Let’s face it, life coaching is a highly competitive field. Before you’re able to demonstrate your methods and techniques you have to be able to stand out, and prove your commitment.

Accredited coaching lessons such as the ones offered by the International Coaching Federation will not only give the validation to your future “coachees”, but also provide you with the knowledge of how to increase your income as a life coach.


One of the common mistakes life coaches make is to rely on one source of income, often in the form of personal lessons via skype or in person. But there are so many other ways to diversify and increase your outreach. Consider ebooks, audiobooks, seminars, workshops, e-mail coaching, among others.

Column Writing/Guest Posting

Whether you’re the best life coach in the world, the fact is, if your marketing is poor, no one will get the chance to experience that for themselves. While both column writing for an ezine or guest posting for an established site won’t give you immediate monetary satisfaction, you have to think of the bigger picture.

These articles will include your name and mini bio, and improve your outreach greatly, resulting in more clients.


Chances are your previous work and life experiences gives you a certain edge that will allow you to focus on a particular niche better than others. For example, if you were in the food industry at one point in your life, your understanding of the inner workings, and the type of stress that one goes through will give you a noticeable edge among your competitors. People in that field will absolutely prefer someone that they feel knows what they’re going through.

Hire a Coach

This may come as a shock to some in the industry, who get a slight ego shot. “Why should I, a life coach have to hire someone in my own field to assist me?!” Well putting your ego aside, ask yourself, who’s better to teach you the ropes than someone who’s ahead of you in your own industry?

Not only will such a person provide valuable information and pointers, but you yourself can gain additional coaching techniques.


On your journey to discover how to make money as life coach, the most noticeable obstacle, and one that is often not discussed is none other than fear. Whether it is fear of rejection, or fear of embarrassment, this is often the reason many personal coaches unknowingly choose to stay small.

It’s time to listen to some of the own advice you give to people, and get over your fears. Go to corporations and offer consulting. Offer joint ventures to other coaches. Your options are limitless.

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