How to Find Profitable Niche

How to Find Profitable Niche

“Will anyone read the content that I put up online?”Although terrifying, this is one of the most important questions that any online marketer or any business owner needs to ask himself.

Anyone committed to building a profitable and a popular website will have to talk, read, and write niche related topics for almost every day, over the upcoming years. Thousands of hours need to be invested, which is nothing short of a gamble with one’s time.

The question remains, how can you approach the whole process? Is it justifiable to simply start writing in the hope that someone will take notice? Or should you first conduct a careful research of the target niche, searching for the precise angle that will help in producing that irresistible kind of contents?

How Do You Then Determine a Profitable Niche?

You might be thinking of starting an online business but it just happens that you do not know what niche to focus on. To be successful in any business online, it is important you are able to figure out a category that is in high demand and regularly being searched for.

To help you understand more about finding a good niche, let us now take a closer look at the four simple steps in finding a suitable niche;

1. Brainstorming an audience: This step can be covered in a number of different ways as explained below.

• Choosing an audience that the author himself represents, such as middle-aged male professionals, or male University students in the age group of 18-25.

• Choosing an audience that the blogger can associate with, most notably like-minded individuals.

• Choosing a niche of interest to the blogger and then working towards finding an audience. For example, you may choose a niche such as “hangover cures” before doing research on the dominant group that is in need of the same, so that you can write target blog contents.

2. Identifying problems the niche audience need to be solved: This step involves some considerable amount of research as you will have to figure out their desires, aspirations, pain points, challenges, and problems that are faced by your target niche audience.

However, this kind of information can easily be obtained online from various sources such as “trendy” websites, popular blogs, how-to websites and niche forums.

3. Sorting out the most profitable problems: There is no one-size-fit-all solution to the various problems that your target audiences may be facing. Some of them may even be willing to pay to find a solution while others may be hard-selling propositions.

So, it is important for you to know the difference or to fully understand what your target audiences need, for which you can be guided by making certain filters such as:

• Amount of good-quality information available freely on the Web on a particular topic.
• Stability of search terms that are related to the problem.
• Number of searches that are an indication that a problem needs to be solved.
• Number of monthly searches being conducted with reference to the problem.

4. Developing a deep understanding of the profitable problems: Simply having the knowledge that males in the age bracket of 18-25 are looking for a hangover cure is not enough. It’s important to know what they are looking for in a specific cure, and why they are not happy with the ones that are presently available.

Once a suitable profitable niche has been found, it is time to determine the tone and style of writing that will appeal to the readers and convince them this is the business they have been waiting for.

Finding Relevant Niche Keywords

An important aspect to figuring out whether readers will like the content that is being posted online is to first create it and put it up for the world to read. Keyword research comes in handy to a great extent.

This can be used to determine how many searches are being made in the target niche, and using that information to compare various topics to one another to gauge their popularity.

The biggest problem with young content sites is lack of an audience. Simply expecting people to find a brilliantly written article is not fullproof planning, in fact it is not any plan at all.

The interested audience needs to be proactively targeted to generate traffic and make the content visible to masses around the world. Some of the means of doing keyword research are:

– Researching the primary keywords that can be used as post ideas: This will allow you to have a general idea of the topics in your niche that people are most interested in reading about. However, this is not the end of the story. This is where we move on to the second step.

– Using alternate keywords as possible ideas for new articles: Each alternate keyword represents a headline for a different target audience. With such a large number of post ideas at one’s disposal, you can hope to get far more profitable traffic to your site and increase conversion.

– Researching related websites for marketing posts: Once you have determined your popular posts, it is time to link them to the niche target audience and other websites. Relevant websites that deal with and help in promoting these topics are ideal places for posting the content to generate traffic and to present the contents to more readers around the world.


Understanding the niche as well as reading the mindset of your target audience is key to generating maximum profit from your target niche. Indeed, if you are able to follow some of our suggestions as mentioned on this post, I am sure you will be able to create a good name for yourself as well as for your online business.

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