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Lyoness Review – Cashback Online Shopping Program

Lyoness Program Review

Nowadays, most people enjoy shopping online and especially so, if you are shopping on discounted stores or stores offering cashback such as Lyoness, a popular cashback program.

What is Lyoness?

As stated on their website, Lyoness is the world’s largest community, composed of online shoppers from different parts of the world. People who join Lyoness learn how to spend money and how to get their money back on everything they purchase.

Pay Per Lead Online Affiliate Programs

Make Money Generating Leads

Generating leads for other businesses is one of the most lucrative way of earning money online.

Basically, you earn money by sending a visitor to a merchant’s site to complete a qualifying action, such as filling up a form, buying a product, completing a registration process, among others.

What is a Lead?

A lead is an individual who is sent to a merchant’s website and expresses interest in the merchant’s or advertiser’s products or services by completing a certain action.

Naming Force Review – Get Paid for Names

Get Paid for Coming Up with Names

If you are good in coming up with interesting/catchy names or matching products to appropriate sounding names, then you could turn your passion into money making with Naming Force.

Over the last few years, the number of companies or individuals wanting to start their own online businesses have increased tremendously and with the main aim of each company being to be able to stand out among the thousands companies or websites, the need for a catchy name or a good business name has become indeed crucial.

Newslines Review – Get Paid Posting News

Newslines - Get Paid for Submitting News is an interesting website where you can submit current trending news posts and get paid. It is a relatively new website, which started back in 2012 and founded by Mark and Mary Devlin .

The website accept members from English speaking countries or native English speakers. You must also be able to come up with excellent English written posts free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Erli Bird Review – Get Paid Beta Testing Products

ErliBird Best Testing and Get Paid

Erli Bird is a beta testing website where you get paid for testing other people products or services before they are released to the market.

Basically, digital beta testing works in similar way like product trials. When you join Erli Bird, you will be able to earn money by testing both digital products, such as video, games, app, software as well as physical products.

As stated on their website, the whole community of Erli Bird is made of consumers, entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, investors and other individuals who register on the website to get their products tested. Currently, they have over 40,000 registered beta testers from 143 countries, globally.

GymPact Review – Get Paid for Working Out

Gym Pact - Get Paid to Workout

GymPact is an interesting mobile phone app from that you can download on your smart phone and get paid for working out.

Yes, you get paid for working out on a regular basis. Basically, the Gympact app is used to record and verify all your daily workout activities.

How GymPact Works?

There are 3 different types of Pacts – gym pact, veggie pact, food logging pact.  As the name suggests, gym pact is where you commit to a regular weekly workout plan. Review – Get Paid Creating Tattoos Designs

Make Money Creating Tattoos Designs

Over the last few years, the need of having customized tattoos have increased tremendously and unlike in the past when drawing customized tattoos was unheard of or not a professional to really brag about, nowadays, designers and artists who design tattoos sketches have become very popular and indeed, most of them are making some good cash.

So, if you are reading this post and you are a tattoo artist or a designer who can create amazing tattoos designs continue reading on this post to find out how you can get started on

Gomez Peer Zone Review – Get Paid to Be Online

Make Money with Gomez Peer

Gomez Peer is basically a javascript that runs in the background of your computer/laptop and utilizes your system idle space such as; processing power, RAM and bandwidth to test the performance of other websites from all over the world.

As stated on their website, by utilizing your system characteristics together with other systems from the world, the application performs different tests to measures how a website reacts when someone visits that particular website. They later utilize the results gotten to improve the performance of the website.

Make Money Uploading & Selling Photos Online

Selling Images

If you enjoy taking photos or maybe, photography is one of your hobbies, then you could turn your hobby into a money making project.

Even though most people prefer taking photos for their own personal use or for uploading on their own websites, you could decide to turn your photography to money.

Nowadays, there are many website where you can submit your photos and get paid every time someone uploads your image from a website.

Make Money by Uploading & Sharing Videos

Video Uploading to Make Money

Do you have an interesting video that you would like to share with the world? If you do or if you enjoy making videos, you could make some money by sharing them with the world.

As we all know, YouTube dominates this industry and is well known when it comes to video marketing. However, there are a few other upcoming smaller videos sites that are doing pretty good and they are currently giving YouTube a tough competition.