Category Archives: Online Programs and Websites Reviews Review – Get Paid for Providing Care - Earn Money as Caregiver is an online service/company that connect individuals, companies or families looking for people to offer various caring services. does not offer any caring services itself but rather, it only provides information and tools to help care seekers and care providers connect and make informed decisions.

Currently, has over 11,800,000 members from over 16 countries, including USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

ReviewStream Review – Get Paid for Product & Service Reviews

Earn Writing Product Reviews

Reviewstream is one of  most reliable websites to submit a product or service review. It is free to join and open to international reviewers.

Once you become a member of Reviewstream, you can write a review in different categories of products and services, provided you have personally  used that particular product you are reviewing.

When you visit Reviewstream website for the first time, you only need to give out your email address and you are immediately taken to a page where you can start writing your review.  No other registration is required.

Earn4Share Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Earn4Share Scam Review

Earn4Share is a new program that claims you can earn up to $500 a day by simply completing simple online tasks with no previous experience in internet marketing.

According to Earn4Share, there are members who are earning as high as $300 per day or $5,000 monthly and it only takes around 5 – 10 minutes for them to complete these tasks.

So, What Exactly is Earn4Share?

While Earn4Share claims their members are earning money by completing simple tasks and other projects online. When you sign up, you are surprised to find out there is no even a single task listed on their website. Basically, you are getting paid for helping them generate an email list, which they sell to advertisers and get paid.

Project Wonderful Review – Bidding Advertising Network

Project Wonderful Review

Project Wonderful is an interesting advertising network where advertisers bid on publisher’s ad box to place an ad for a day. Basically, Project Wonderful works like any other bidding or auction site, such as eBay. However, unlike eBay or other auctions website where you bid for physical goods, in Project Wonderful, the highest bidder wins the bid and get the ad placed on a listed website.

How To Get Started With Project Wonderful
Getting started with Project Wonderful is very easy. You just register for free and wait for your site to be approved. Once your site is approved, you are guided on how to go about placing an ad box on your site. An ad box is an advertising space where you can place an advertiser ad. You can add a specific number of ad boxes, depending on the number of ad slots you plan to sell.

Social Spark Review – Blog for Money By Writing Sponsored Posts

Social Spark is a blog marketing platform that connects bloggers with advertisers looking to pay for sponsored posts. Unlike other marketing blogging platforms that accept any kind of blog, Social Spark only accepts high quality blogs that meets their standard and all blogs are manually reviewed before they can be added into Social Spark system.

How to Get Started with Social Spark

You sign up and create your personal profile, set your price. For example: 5000 points is equivalent to $50. This means you will get paid $50 for every sponsored post published on your blog. However, you can always negotiate the price with an advertiser. Social Spark also do set their own recommended prices based on your blog traffic status after reviewing it.

Skimlinks Review – Get Access to Over 17,000 Merchants

Skimlinks Review

Skimlinks is an affiliate publisher technology company based in London that connects publishers with over 17,000 different affiliate networks or merchants. Skimlinks has been operating since 2008 and has received several performance awards (you can find them on Skimlinks homepage).

So far, the company seems to be doing very well and there are many good reviews that you can find on the internet.

How Skimlinks Works

Weegy Review – Get Paid to Answer Online Questions

Weegy Review

Weegy is a community based online system that is used to give answers to various questions asked by its users. The system is composed of an artificial female figure (known as Weegy). You can pop in any time and ask the “female Weegy” a question in any category and you will be surprised that she can answer most of the questions, if not all.

So, Where and How Does She Acquire This Knowledge?

Make Money Online by Testing Other Website at

User -Testing- Review

User Testing is an interesting website where you can get paid for testing usability and friendliness of other websites. What happens is that, you as a user tests a website, gives feedback and comments about that particular website. If you are able to satisfactorily tests a website and owner approves your testing, you get paid. This testing can take anywhere in between 20-30 minutes to finish.

The website you are given to test depends on your demographic status. Whenever there is a website that needs to be tested, your profile is matched to the target audiences of that particular website. If your demographic profile matches the requirements, then you are picked to do the testing.

Qmee Review – Get Paid for Searching the Internet

Qmee is an interesting website where you get paid for simply searching the internet. If you are regularly searching for information on search engines like Google, which I think most of us do, then you may take advantage of Qmee and earn some cash too.

Joining Qmee

Joining Qmee is free and there is no membership fee or registration fee. After signing up on their website, you will then be re-directed to download the free Qmee app.

Postloop Review – Online Forum Posting and Blog Commenting

Post Loop Review

Postloop is unlike other paid forums since the most important thing you will require is good command of English and you can start earning money almost immediately by responding to other comments.

Postloop forum is open to all and it is very easy to join. There are no specific pre-requirements needed before registration other than, you will have to pass an initial application process and you must be able to accept payment via Paypal.