Career at Home University Review – Link Posting Scam?


Career at Home University is a work at home opportunity being marketed by Melissa Mayer who claims anyone can start making money online without even prior experience in internet marketing.

Melissa Mayer further claims the method she will teach you is easy and it is a guaranteed way of making up to $379 a day, working comfortably at the comfort of your home.  She will show you exactly the same money generating method that enabled her to quit her regular day job and double her salary by just working 4 hours in a day within one month.

Bonkered Review – $100, 2×1 Cycler Ponzi Scheme?

Bonkered Review

Bonkered is a new online investing program that describes itself as “an incredible super fast straight-line 2×1 cycler where members earn a 200% return on a $100.00 investment. For each position purchased at $100.00… the member will receive $200.00″.

Joining Bonkered

Joining Bonkered is free and open to members from all over the world. However, to be able to earn money on the site, you must invest by buying $100 position in a 2×1 cycler program. Bundled with the position is 1000 advertising credits that allow you to advertise on the same website.

How to Avoid Scams and Check Scams

Online Scam Avoiding Tips

With the increasing number of new sites claiming to offer unique online money making opportunities, it is also expected scammers to increase in numbers too. Over the last few years, the number of people losing their money on bogus online investments opportunities have soared.

One reason being that most of these kinds of websites involved in scam can escape easily since there is usually no proper documentation involved while investing online.

Make Money Online by Testing Other Website at

User -Testing- Review

User Testing is an interesting website where you can get paid for testing usability and friendliness of other websites. What happens is that, you as a user tests a website, gives feedback and comments about that particular website. If you are able to satisfactorily tests a website and owner approves your testing, you get paid. This testing can take anywhere in between 20-30 minutes to finish.

The website you are given to test depends on your demographic status. Whenever there is a website that needs to be tested, your profile is matched to the target audiences of that particular website. If your demographic profile matches the requirements, then you are picked to do the testing.

5 Top Blog Entries Known to Increase Sales and Traffic

5 top blog entries to increase sales

Nowadays, most bloggers are using their blogs to promote their own self made products, services or even to sell their expertise in different fields. While it is true how successful you become online or how much money you make will be determined by many factors, such as your niche, ability to create a community (traffic) and your target audience, among others.

Others factors are under looked and may have a significant influence on how your readers react or may even help you in generating more sales.

ExitJunction Review – Get Paid For Bounce Traffic


ExitJunction is a pay per click advertising network where publishers get paid for their bounce traffic. Unlike other PPC networks where you get paid for displaying ads on your website, ExitJunction is a little bit different since you only monetize your bounce traffic or visitors leaving your site, coming from search engines.

How to Make Money with ExitJunction

It is believed that most users when they land on a website through a search engine, they only view one page and then, they are mostly likely to hit the back button to leave the site or to go back to the search results page. To utilize this kind of bounce traffic, this where ExitJunction comes in.

M2M Machine Review – 3×6 Force Matrix Gifting Scheme


M2M Machine is a new advertising cum gifting scheme that claims by investing in one time fee of $10 and participating in the company’s 3×6 Matrix program, you will have an opportunity to earn a potential income of up to $422,760.00, upon completion of the 6 matrix levels.

Joining M2M Machine

Joining M2M Machine is free and open to members from all over the world. However, if you want to earn money, you must purchase positions or upgrade your account in different levels of the compensation plan.

Qmee Review – Get Paid for Searching the Internet


Qmee is an interesting website where you get paid for simply searching the internet. If you are regularly searching for information on search engines like Google, which I think most of us do, then you may take advantage of Qmee and earn some cash too.

Joining Qmee

Joining Qmee is free and there is no membership fee or registration fee. After signing up on their website, you will then be re-directed to download the free Qmee app.

Race Cycler Review – $230, 2×2 Matrix Board System


Today, I am going to review the latest of MLM programs  - Race Cycler, which seems to be attracting a lot of attention. So, what is Race Cycler? Race Cycler is a 2×2 reverse matrix system, composed of two boards.

Who is behind Race Cycler?

There is no clear information on who is behind this program. However, a further research reveals a man by the name Kent Brown, who claims to have being involved in multiple others MLM programs.

How to Make Money Selling Websites, Domain Names


Making money selling domain names or websites is one of the easiest way to earn money online.  Everyday, there are thousands of webmasters and businessmen looking for unique domain names and  they are willing to pay generously, if they can find what they are looking for.

You can buy and sell a domain name and make huge profit out of it by either buying a domain at a cheaper price and trading it for a profit or buying it at its registration price. Whatever way you choose, the most important thing is to make sure there is a ready market for the domain name that you plan to purchase.