Desperate Buyers Only Review – Finding Profitable Niche

Desperate Buyers Only Review

One of the greatest eBook that I have ever come across for those who are struggling to find a profitable niche to begin the journey of earning a decent income online is Desperate Buyers Only, an e-book by Alexis Dawes.

This eBook focuses on how to find markets with hungry buyers with pressing problems who are willing to spend money to get their problem solved. In this eBook, you will understand why it is not about writing topics you are passionate about rather, it more on finding something that is working and sticking to it.

CloudSource Review – Get Paid Completing Amazon Turks Tasks


CrowdSource is an outsourcing, work at home company that recently acquired CloudCrowd. The company hires home-based workers who would like to earn money by completing shorts tasks, writing as well as editing jobs.

However, you do not work directly from Crowd Source, the work you do is through Amazon Mturk platform.

CrowdSource accept members from most countries in the world, however, you will need to have a USA bank account to get paid or simply sign up with Payoneer to get a Debit Mastercard that allow you to receive payments from USA Banks.

MOBROG Review – Earn Money Completing Surveys Online

MOBROG Survey Review

MOBROG is online research marketing/survey website where you can get paid for completing various surveys. It is an international survey company with branches in different countries like USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, India, Indonesia, South Africa, among others. Currently, MOBROG is available in more than 42 countries.

How to Get Started With MOBROG

Getting started with MOBROG is very easy. You just have to select the country where you want to register and fill up the registration form. Once you are through the registration process, you will be asked to complete your profile – hobbies, interests, marital status, medical history as well as other important information about yourself.

TaskRabbit Review – Get Paid for Completing Tasks

Taskrabbit -Review

TaskRabbit is an American online mobile app platform that allow employers to ourtsource their tasks to willing taskers to complete them at a small fee.

Employers register with TaskRabbit to post tasks that they need to be completed while taskers register with TaskRabbit to complete various tasks and get paid.

Whether you are looking for a handyman, a house cleaner or someone to do your laundry, you will definitely find someone willing to complete the task in TaskRabbit.

Earn4Share Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Earn4Share Scam Review

Earn4Share is a new program that claims you can earn up to $500 a day by simply completing simple online tasks with no previous experience in internet marketing.

According to Earn4Share, there are members who are earning as high as $300 per day or $5,000 monthly and it only takes around 5 – 10 minutes for them to complete these tasks.

So, What Exactly is Earn4Share?

While Earn4Share claims their members are earning money by completing simple tasks and other projects online. When you sign up, you are surprised to find out there is no even a single task listed on their website. Basically, you are getting paid for helping them generate an email list, which they sell to advertisers and get paid.

7 Figure List Cash Review – List Building Training


The 7 Figure List Cash is an email list building training created by Leon Wu and Jean Philippe, who are well known experts when it comes to internet marketing.

Leon Wu and Jean Philippe have previously launched various other internet and marketing products, including Internet Marketing Super Package and Viral Traffic Empire Formula and have managed to build themselves a 6 figure business online.

So, What Is 7 Figure List Cash?

How to Make Money with Infolinks In Text Ads

Infolinks Textads Review

Infolinks is an in text advertising network that serves pay per click ads on a publisher blog/website. It is considered as one of the highest paying advertising networks, especially for bloggers who do not have extra space to displays ads.

Infolinks ads are displayed as double under links that target specific words in page. So, whenever a reader hovers his mouse over specific words, a relevant word is displayed and if he moves the mouse away, the ad disappears. If the reader clicks on that particular link, he is taken to the advertiser’s page and you get paid in return.

TapBooty Review – Mobile App for Completing Tasks


TapBooty is a mobile application that allow its users to earn money or rewards by completing various tasks online, such as playing games, watching videos, among others.

TapBooty members can start earning money or rewards by downloading the application to their Apple or Android devices.

How To Get Started with TapBooty?

After downloading the app to your device, you are required to connect it to your Facebook account. So, this means to be able to use the app, you will need to have a Facebook account. You can always create a dummy account purposely for this app.

Writing Articles For SEO – 5 Things to Consider

Search Engine Optimized Articles

Most writers do article writing as their part time job. However, they are a few of them that solely rely on article writing as their only source of income. To some, this may sound impossible especially considering that most publishing websites are not willing to pay online writers a fortune and they only pay them just enough money to survive.

How then do some writers make a living out of writing articles? The key to success is by writing quality contents,  optimizing their articles for search engines and knowing how to drive traffic to their articles.

Freebie Money Printer – Bigkabang Lead Generating System

Freebie Money System Review

I have decided to review one of the most popular lead generating system, Freebie Money Printer, which I think was released sometimes later last year by Scott Agee & Stefan Dessalines.

There is alot of misconception about how this program works, which is even further exaggerated by the claim, Freebie Money Printer is “free”. So, today I am going to set the record straight by letting you know everything about this program and whether it really works or not.