MyHabit Review – Amazon Sister Website for Fashion Review

MyHabit is an Amazon sister website that claims to sell designer and branded items with discounts of up to 60% on their listing prices.

Products listed on MyHabit website spans from a wide varieties of fashion including women’s, men’s, children’s fashion and accessories, toys, books and beauty products.

How to Get Started with MyHabit

If you already have an existing Amazon account, you do not have to sign up again. You simply use the same account’s details to login in to Incase you are a new customer and you do not have an existing Amazon account, you need to sign up for one for free.

10 Lucrative Businesses to Start in 2015

10 Business Ideas in 2015

If you are one of the many people who have been dreaming of starting their own businesses, it is time to stand out and be counted. Everyone dreams of becoming his or her own boss by rolling out on a profitable venture that will escalate to become a greater enterprise.

However, having an entrepreneurial mind and zeal is rarely enough; entrepreneurs need to invest in sound ideas that will help them achieve their dreams.

Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light Review – Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet

Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light Review - Yanksmart 8'' Shower Head Faucet

Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet with LED Lights is a shower cum lighting equipment. It is designed to incorporate the features, benefits and functions of an ordinary shower and a bathroom lighting system, thereby eliminating the inconveniences faced by ordinary bathrooms.

It requires three holes for it to be effectively installed i.e. two shower faucet holes and one showerhead arm hole. The package generally includes: a Wall-mounted shower faucet, a Wall-mounted shower arm, an 8 inch adjustable LED shower-head, a 43 inch shower bar, an adjustable hand shower holder, and an LED hand shower with 60 inch water hose.

BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike review

BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike Features

Any owner of the BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike will tell you that you have a winner on your hands if you choose this bike. It has completely revolutionized the concept of a folding bike with its simple yet Smart Folding Technology.

This advanced and intuitive technology has broken through the barriers of weight and cumbersome details to enable riders carry their bikes anywhere they want, anytime they want.

Screenwise Trends Panel Review – Legit or Scam?

Screenwise Trends Panel is a Google marketing research company, which is run by a company called United Sample, Inc. (uSamp).

Basically, Screenwise Trends Panel works in a similar way like Gomez Peer by monitoring how people behave while using the internet and mobile devices. The data collected is then used to improve products and services for other partner companies.

Joining Screenwise Trends Panel

Fresh Store Builder 2015 – Can You Make Money?

Fresh Store Builder

One of the best way to make money online is by joining Amazon Associate to become an Amazon affiliate.

However, while it is usually very easy to join the Amazon Associate program since you only need a running website to get approved, the other problem that most people face especially beginners is how to set up an Amazon affilite website or store.

Setting up an Amazon affiliate website or store is usually not easy and may take you alot of time, unless you are just going to display some products links within your blog’s content.

Fresh Store Builder V6 Review – 30 Minutes Amazon Store Builder

Fresh Store Builder v6Fresh Store Builder V6 has just been released in the market. For those of you who might be hearing about Fresh Store Builder for the first time, Fresh Store Builder is a standalone software that allow you to set up a fully customized Amazon store within just a few minutes.

Everything is set up within just a few clicks of button from your admin dashboard area. It is very easy to use, user friendly and no technical knowledge is needed.

How to Make Money as Travel Photographer in 2015

How to make money taking photos in 2015

Gone are the days when being a travel photographer just meant taking photos for a particular travel newspaper or magazine.

The globe isn’t that easy anymore, and the degree of competition in this world has never been this tight.

But still, there are more travel photographers in 2015 than there were in previous years. Now the main question is how to make money as travel photographer in 2015.

1.  Saving

How to Make Money as a Personal Stylist

How to Make Money as a Personal Stylist

If you are at the point of your life when you have figured out you want to be involved in the world of fashion, this short guide will give you a short summary on how to make money as a personal stylist.

First before you can start being a personal stylist, you need to consider a complete fashion training course, if you don’t have one yet. Secondly, you will need to be well aware of the history of fashion and the current fashion trends.

10 Ways to Make Money with Facebook in 2015

10 Ways to Make Money with Facebook

If you desire to generate some income via social media, then Facebook is certainly the place to begin. It is not only the 3rd most popular web but also the largest social media in the whole world.

With thousands and thousands of users, you can have no trouble getting an audience that will be attracted to what you want to promote.

To help you get started, here is an article on 10 ways to make money with Facebook in 2015, which can also increase your social influence on Facebook;