How to Use Clicksure Affiliates to Earn Money Online

This post is meant for beginners who would like to earn money by promoting Clicksure products, yet they do not know how to go about finding products in Clicksure marketplace.

I will start by defining what is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically where you recommend a certain product or an offer to a consumer or a buyer. The owner of the product then agrees to pay you a certain percentage of the selling price once you have sold that product. This is what we call commission and this is what an affiliate like you and me earns.

Rocket Cash Cycler Review – Make Money With $315 MLM Scam?

Rocket Cash Cycler is a MLM company that claims to be one of the highest paying 2×3/2×2 hybrid program online. Rocket Cash Cycler claims to provide its members with unique software and internet marketing products as well as a chance to participate in their lucrative compensation plan, where members can earn up to $6,000 per month.

The Rocket Cash Cycler Line of Products
Rocket Cash Cycler line of products include; The Rocket Cash Cycler Compensation Plan and access to Internet Marketing Tools, including the following;

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I Club Biz Review – Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Program

IClub Biz is a new multi-level marketing program that claims you can make up to $1,000 per week after paying a one time yearly fee of $75. The company is offering a binary matrix system that allows every member to earn from every qualifying sale.

How Does IClub Biz Works?
People join IClub Biz and pay one time yearly fee of $75 to get exclusive access to IClub Biz products and a chance to participate in IClub Biz compensation plan.

Submission Works Review – Can You Really Make Money?

For sometimes now, I have been looking for a cheaper type of paid traffic, a kind of traffic that could convert, without having to spend so much money for it. Fortunately, along my search, I was lucky to come across a review about Submission Works. I was not even aware there exist a software like Submission Works, so I decided to do a further search on the internet to find more about this software.

IM John Chow, Internet Marketing Review – Legit or Scam?

Im John Chow Review

The creator of the Clickbank blockbuster Blogging with John Chow has once again released one of his latest internet marketing product – IM John Chow – Internet Marketing John Chow, which is basically a one on one couching program, a real system that John Chow is using to make millions of dollars online.

Who is John Chow?

John Chow is Chinese-Canadian blogger and a successful online entrepreneur who has been featured in various news media including; New York Times, various magazine and his blog was voted as the best affiliate marketing blog in 2012.

Tube Raider Show /Cloud Video Maker Software Review

Video marketing is a huge business and if you are looking forward to be successful in making money online, video marketing is a must and it is highly recommended. However, free video creation websites only allow for a limited access to specific features and incase you want to get access to more advanced features, you will have to upgrade or pay a monthly charge. To get access to specific features, website like Animoto, will charge you around $2.50 – $20 per month, depending on the plan that you choose.

IM Target Review – Legit or Scam?

IM Target is the latest internet marketing comprehensive training, a creation of Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim. Anik Singal is a respected teacher and a successful internet marketer, who has been featured by Business Week Magazine and Inc. 500 for been one of the successful entrepreneurs online. Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim have teamed up to come with a new comprehensive e-course the IM Target.

What is IM Target?

Neucopia Review – Marketing Tools MLM System


Neucopia is a Multi-Level Marketing company that has been running since June 2012. The name Neucopia is derived from the Latin word “copia” meaning abundance. Neucopia claims their main mission is to help people create a lifestyle of abundance in everything they do.

Who is Behind Neucopia?
Neucopia is been headed by Rich Cook (CEO), who is claimed to have a proven record as an expert in marketing by becoming a top earner in affiliate marketing, using the same training and tools that Neucopia is offering to their premier members.

Success With Anthony 2.0 Review – 2013 Version, Legit or Scam?

Success with Anthony

Success with Anthony 2.0 is a new training course by Anthony Morrison. Anthony Morrison is a well known author and an internet marketer who has been successfully making money online since 2005. He has been featured in news media like CNN, Fox, among others.

What is Success with Anthony 2.0?
Success with Anthony 2.0 is complete new version from his previous release. A detail video training courses on everything that you need to know in making money online; from starting a website, to marketing and how to become successful from a real life experience personal point of view.

JVZoo Review – Get Paid Instant Commission on Paypal

I have been using several affiliate partner programs like Clickbank, Clicksure for sometimes now, until last year, when I started using JVZoo affiliate partner program. One thing that I like most about JVZoo is that, you can get paid your commission instantly. This means if someone buys a product using your affiliate link, you do not have to wait for the seller to approve your sale, your commission is sent directly to your Paypal account.