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1Q-Review- Get Paid to Answer is an online website where you can earn money by answering simple questions online. According to, their members usually earn $0.5 per question answered.

These questions are asked by partner market research companies who are looking for opinions from users to help them improve on their products or services.


Joining is free and there is no membership fee needed. Your name also remains anonymous and is not given to other partner companies. claims their sole purpose for collecting your personal information is for routing you more questions and for ensuring you get paid immediately.

Elusivestars Review – Get Paid Testing Apps

Get Paid Testing Mobile Apps

Do you have an app that you would like to be tested before you can release it to market or are you looking for ways to earn some extra dollars testing mobile app?

If you follow in any of the two mentioned categories, then you are in right place and continue reading on this article.

What is Elusivestars?

Elusivestars is a platform that connects both mobile app developers and beta testers. Basically, if you have developed a mobile app that you would like it to be tested by other users besides your close friends or relatives, you can list it on Elusivestars at a small fee.

InstaGC Review – Reward Based Online Program


InstaGC is a reward program/website where you can earn points for completing various offers. The word InstaGC stands for Instant gift card, which is basically what you get after redeeming your points (one point is equivalent to $0.1).

According to InstaGC, there are members who are earning up to 2000 points per day ($20 per day) and so far, the total number of gift cards that have been redeemed from the time the program was established is 304,216.

ShortTask Review – Get Paid for Completing Microjobs

Shorttask Scam or Legit? is an online program/service where you can get paid for completing various short tasks. As stated on the website, ShortTask was founded based on the idea that, there are many jobs that still need people to be completed and cannot be replaced by modern technology.

Basically, it is a community composed of both seekers (people looking for workers to complete various tasks) and solvers (workers looking for tasks to complete). – Earn Money Completing Offers

Get Paid For Completing Offers is an online program where you get paid for completing various offers, such as survey, downloading files, playing games and even referring your friends.

How Works

According to Get-Paid, different companies have partnered with them looking for people like you and me willing to complete certain offers. They are then paid a certain percentage of the profit by those partner companies, which they share with their members.

Quick Rewards Network Review – Get Paid Completing Offers

Qucik Rewards Review

Quick Rewards Network is a paid to complete offers website where you get paid for doing simple online tasks, such as survey, searching, short online tasks, among others.

The site is open to residents of USA, Canada and UK. It is free join and no membership fee.

How Quick Rewards Works

There is no registration needed and the only thing you need to do is to fill up your email address as well as you Paypal email address. You are now free to start completing available offers, immediately.

Chacha Review – Earn Money Answering Questions Online

Chacha Guide Review

Chacha is an American online company composed of community of professionals or people with interesting ideas willing to share them with other members.

Chacha is open to anyone above 18 years with a US mailing address and who is authorized to work in USA.

When you register on Chacha website for the first time, you become a ChaCha guide. As a Chacha guide, you can share knowledge, skills and ideas by answering questions asked by other members.

Web Answers Review – Get Paid Answering Questions

Web-Answers Review

Web Answers is a get paid to answer questions website similar to Yahoo Answers. However, unlike Yahoo Answers where you do not get paid and no Google Adsense account is needed to participate, you will need to have an approved Google Adsense account or apply for one, once you become a member of Web Answers.

How Web Answers Works

You create a new user account. You then answer questions posted on Web Answers based on your experience in all kinds of topics, including hobbies, relationships, careers, finance, health, among others.

CloudSource Review – Get Paid Completing Amazon Turks Tasks


CrowdSource is an outsourcing, work at home company that recently acquired CloudCrowd. The company hires home-based workers who would like to earn money by completing shorts tasks, writing as well as editing jobs.

However, you do not work directly from Crowd Source, the work you do is through Amazon Mturk platform.

CrowdSource accept members from most countries in the world, however, you will need to have a USA bank account to get paid or simply sign up with Payoneer to get a Debit Mastercard that allow you to receive payments from USA Banks.

TaskRabbit Review – Get Paid for Completing Tasks

Taskrabbit -Review

TaskRabbit is an American online mobile app platform that allow employers to ourtsource their tasks to willing taskers to complete them at a small fee.

Employers register with TaskRabbit to post tasks that they need to be completed while taskers register with TaskRabbit to complete various tasks and get paid.

Whether you are looking for a handyman, a house cleaner or someone to do your laundry, you will definitely find someone willing to complete the task in TaskRabbit.